Tuesday, 27 December 2016

101 Reasons why This Business is the Best Business on the earth


1.     You become individual Business Owner ABO.

2.     It’s not merely a business but a way of life.

3.     Flexibility to pick your own working hours.

4.    This business teaches you to Promote & Sell products without selling your soul.

5.     No boss telling you what to do.

6.     A risk free enterprise.

7.     No need to advertize this business.

8.     Opportunity to creat Passive/Legacy income.

9.     Opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

10.  Chance to early and fruitful retirement.

11.  Innovative and time tested products.

12.  All products come with 100% money-back-guarantee.

13.  No start up cost to join this business.

14.  You can build this business globally.

15.  Work from home, only in your available spare time.

16.  Grow your business as fast or slow as you like.

17.  No need any special skills, training or education to start this business.

18.  You don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock anymore.

19.  You can give yourself a pay raise anytime you want.

20.  You can utilize your entrepreneurial and leadership potential.

21.  You can do this business part time or full time.

22.  You work with people you like to work.

23.  This business shapes your personality development.

24.  You become gentleman and people person.

25.  Ordinary person become extra-ordinary person in this business.

26.  More free time to enjoy with your friends, family and hobbies.

27.  Opportunity to convert your expenditure into investment.

28.  Chance to make new friends and long lasting business relationship.

29.  Well defined retail income, performance income and other bonuses.

30.  Opportunity to creat legacy income like singers and writers.

31.  Availability of good counseling and mentorship.

32.  Availability of business support material like-SOP, BoM, Open meeting, Mega Functions etc.

33.  Regular international trip reward to your hard work.

34.  This business helps accomplish your quest for excellence.

35.  Best platform to fulfill your increased dreams into reality.

36.  Opportunity to achieve stress free lifestyle on your terms.

37.  Boost your business with products that are easy to retail.

38.  Assured flow of income during your retirement.

39.  Learn this business at your convenience through e-learning program.

40.  Its eco-friendly products make you environment-friendly consumer.

41.  Exciting offers for new joiners.

42.  You can gift this business opportunity to your next generation.

43.  This business uses your wife’s inherent potential.

44.  Nurture your family health with proven Nutrilite Health products.

45.  You can compound your time through this business.

46.  No office, no inventory, no employee is needed.

47.  No co-workers and no employee are needed.

48.  No boss, no target to work for.

49.  Fulfillment of self gratification and greater satisfaction.

50.  This is absolutely a home-based business.

51.  Your communication and relationship are the key tools to build this business.

52.  No legal requirements like-permit, license and fee to pay to start and build this business.

53.  No barriers to join this business like language, social status, physical handicaps or anything else.

54.  This business leads to exponential growth and income.

55.  All individual distributors are nurtured like children by their growing upline.

56.  Its product has significant mass appeal.

57.  This business has a Best Global Educational system like BWW to train and mentor you.

58.  Partners are proven and reputable companies.

59.  Its product distribution system is fast and reliable.

60.  Business plan is very easy to understand and duplicable.

61.  Weekly open meetings drive motivation and prospecting.

62.  Mega seminars enlarge your vision and enthusiasm.

63.  All products training are also available on regular interval.

64.  You associate with successful, respectable and positive minded people.

65.  Here you have the opportunity to learn from others experiences and mistakes.

66.  This business transforms women from a homemaker to an entrepreneur.

67.  After achieving Diamondship you are neither slaves to time nor money.

68.  This business makes you leader of your dream team and role model of your children.

69.  This business is known as family business because of husband

And wife can build it together.

70.  FED function is truly a celebration of financial freedom and joy of time.

71.  It’s not pyramid or chain scheme but purely a turnover based products selling business.

72.  You help others to change their economic map when you offer this business.

73.  Your sponsor is not your boss or employer but counselor and friend.

74.  Opportunity to retire in financial comfort.

75.  You obtain a real business man status.

76.  You acquire real life professional education.

77.  The children learn the benefits of the Direct Selling Business from experiencing with their parents.

78.  The children learn the benefits of passive income and financial education at early ages.

79.  You take many more family vacations and family business trips than you ever did.

80.  This business enriches your soft skills.

81.  This business has various tax advantages over ordinary employees.

82.  If you currently have a job, you can feel secure by keeping it and doing this part time until your part-time 
income exceeds the income you’r currently making.
83.  You are completely independent business owner and only person you answer to is yourself.

84.  Husband and wife can creat magical results in their financial life because of husband and wife is considered 
as one entity.
85.  One can change one’s quadrant from employee (E) to businessman (B) with the help of this business.

86.  Amway’s products are recognized all over the world for their high quality, value and performance.

87.  This business gives an opportunity to make money while you spend money.

88.  This business provides a perfect opportunity to people by helping them to be self employed and gain better 
control of their lives.

89.  The business is an incredible way to become multi-millionaire for-earned person, semi skilled person, time-
poor person and especially for first generation entrepreneurs.

90.  You become an integral part of positive, optimistic and energetic association in which people are self-
motivated and go-getters.

91.  You have 100% chances to succeed if you are willing to learn and follow footsteps.

92.  This business allows you to write your own paycheck and pay range.

93.  You are in charge of your own destiny, instead of making your boss rich.

94.  Husband-wife relationship is very loving and children feel more secure.

95.  This business is always in your pocket. You can do your business anytime, anywhere while you are on 

96.  This business philosophy, “pay now, play later” gives you an opportunity to invest your time now to save you 
from ‘time for money trap’

97.  This business provides a platform to convert your unproductive time into productive and more meaningful 

98.  Everything is online! You can do your business just using Smartphone!!!

99.  This business saves you from no-name syndrome.

100.                   You are able to leverage other people’s time and work.

101.                   It has been helping people transform self-limiting
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beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve 
their dreams.

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                              Enjoy the world’s Best Combination
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