Tuesday, 11 July 2017

keys of computer keyboard and its uses


 ESC -  to escape from any programme or close any programme  or close a dialog box.

TAB  -  during typing we can give space between words.

CAPS  LOCK - to on or off caps lock function , on= capital latter , off = small latter

SHIFT, CTRL, ALT -  use as shortcut keys

WINDOWS KEY - to on or off start button on task bar

BACK SPACE - to erase any matter from right to left

DELETE - to delete any selected matter or erase matter from left to right

PrtScSysRq -  for take a screen shot

PAGE UP - to go previous page

PAGE DOWN - to go next page

NUM LOCK -  on or off numbers keys

END -  during typing we can go to last point of line

HOME -  from it we can again come to starting point of line

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